The   Folk Association „Poligrodzianie”

The   Folk Association „Poligrodzianie” was founded in 2004 in order to spread the knowledge about folk artistic activity of Poles and other nations, study the art and folk culture, propagate national traditions and to create conditions to establish and to keep human ties.

The   association runs the wide educational (lectures and dance classes), concert activity and also youth exchanges. The   organization carries out projects within the confines of the programme „Action 1” and „Youth in Action”. It supports charity and runs workshop for children from the „difficult environment”. The   association collaborates with 16 organizations in the country and abroad. It is member of European Nations Culture Festival.

The  Folk Culture Organization „Poligrodzianie”
ul. Łanowa 18
62-081 PrzeŸmierowo
Nr KRS 0000222680
Tel/fax: +48 61 814 28 77
Mobile.: +48 603 775 332


Marzenna Biegała-Howorska - director
Magdalena Howorska - head of promotion and performance department, spokesperson
Karol Rogacki - head of: visualization, scene design, events, exhibition departments
Michał Howorski - head of administration and organizing team
Marek Behnke- head of technical department
Maciej Behnke- head of transport department,head of procurement

Co-organizer and sponsor:

European and Folk Culture Organisation