2nd edition

August 2008


The second edition of European Folk Art Festival:

Performances: Balkan Sevdah, Balaton, Mały Hasnik, folk group from Wisniowa, Ryszard Gaska's highland band, Small and Large Poligrodzian and Mieczysław Czuma's tales of Cracow, as well as a seminar on "Karol Szymanowski-inspired."

Partners: The National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa and Poznan University of Technology.

Media patrons during the Festival: Głos Wielkopolski i Gazeta Poznańska, Merkury radio and student radio Afera and regional television. Participants from abroad perchance commitment to propagate the idea of the Festival in regional newspapers in their countries.

The festival was attended by about 10 thousands viewers:

  • Over 6,000 participants from whole Poland,during the two-day events in Szreniawa
  • ,
  • More than 2000 spectators at concerts in the communities of Wielkopolska,
  • crowd watching street demonstrations in Poznań.
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