1st edition

August 2007


I edition of European Folk Art Festival and the accompanying international presentations of art, craft and regional products, exhibitions of painting and photography, symposium, seminar, discussion forum was held from 24 to 29 August 2007 in Wielkopolska.
Festival patronage :Marshal's Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
Co-organized the National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa and Poznan University of Technology.

Groups which took part in the Festival: Italy "Kore" Republic of Altaic ""AŁTAJ"" Bulgaria "BABOWO" Ukraine "CHMIELANIE", Italy-Sardinia "TERRA MEA" and Kashubian folk group "hops", ZTL PP "POLIGRODZIANIE. the climax of the Festival was the real wedding in Kashubian Style. In addition, organized: Regional Gala Fashion, shows masters of European cuisine "Eurokucharz 2007" workshop "Culture Kashubia, crafts demonstrations and a symposium,"Music of Early People ", an exhibition of paintings and photographs "Altai Polish heart of Eurasia."
At the end of the Festival was also the festival ball in the School of Hotel and Catering Industry in Poznan.

Thanks to wonderful weather, the event was attended by about 10,000 spectators.
See you next year.

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